Protein Structure Determination
We offer a complete protein structure determination service; from gene to structure or from customer supplied protein to structure. This service includes determination of protein-ligand or protein-drug structures for structure based drug design.
Fragment based lead discovery
We can offer a fragment based screening service either directly using crystal soaking techniques, or in collaboration with one of our commercial collaborators Selcia. Selcia use capillary electrophoresis to identify lead fragments and we determine the crystal structures of the protein-fragment complex which are fed into the drug design cycle.
Structure Interpretation
For all protein structures we determine we provide a full protein interpretation report tailored to the customer's requirements. We can also offer a similar service for proteins whose structures have already been determined or who have homologues in the protein data bank. This can be a useful and cost effective way to gain structural insights into newly identified drug targets.
In-silico Screening
We can offer an in-silico screening service providing a quick and cost effective way to identify potential drug leads.
Small Molecule Structure Detemination
We can offer small molecule crystal structure determination.